Sci-tive All Inclusive

  • Specifications

    Workstation Fabrication

    • Solvent Bonded Acrylic

    Bench Space Requirements

    • Height (excluding stand): 1024 mm
    • Width (side to side): 1650 mm
    • Depth: 760 mm

    Internal Workstation Dimensions

    • Height: 590 mm
    • Width: 1170 mm
    • Depth: 555 mm

    Workstation Weight

    • Weight approx: 230kg


    • Temperature: Visual and Audible
    • Humidity: Visual
    • Gas Low Pressure: Visual and Audible

    Interlock Dimension

    • Height: 210 mm
    • Width: 270 mm
    • Depth: 200 mm

    Atmosphere Control

    • Temperature: Ambient +5°C - 45°C
    • Humidity Control: Ambient-85% RH
    • O2 Control: 0.0%-20.9%
    • CO2 Control: 0.0%-30.0%
    • Integrated HEPA Filtration System
    • Activated Carbon Filtration System
    Capacity Checker

    Use the Capacity Checker to compare how many Plates/Flasks/Dishes fit into each Workstation

  • Accessories

    Standard Accessories


    • Stand
    • 2 Racks with Perforated Shelves to Optimise Homogeneity
    • Direct-hand Access using Ezee Sleeve™ and Ezee Pleez System
    • Removable Front with UV Filtration Screen
    • Waste trays
    • Gas tight waste port
    • 3 electrical power sockets

    System PC and Software

    • On-screen Keyboard
    • Independent Touch Pad Mouse
    • Windows Vista
    • Flat Screen Monitor
    • Imaging Camera
    • Cronus3™ Imaging Software from RI

    Gas Control Software

    • USB Communications Port
    • 7 Days Continuous Storage of Event Log Data
    • One Touch Calibration (O2)
    • On-Screen Fault Assistance


    • Nikon AZ100 MZ Microscope fitted with triple nose piece and a single 2x magnification lens is supplied as standard which offers 46mm of working height. Other lenses can be purchased separately (choice is 1x or 4x magnification)

    Optional Accessories

    • Cable Gland Port to allow the passage of cables through the workstation wall without altering internal conditions
    • Vacuum Line Port to allow the attachment of a vacuum line used to remove waste media from plates and dishes without removing them from the hypoxic conditions inside the workstation
    • Gas Sample Port to enable samples of the Workstation atmosphere to be checked
    • Palladium Catalyst if anaerobic environment is required
    • Anaerobic Indicator Strips to check anaerobic state of internal environment if required
    • Gas Tank Regulators
    • Gas Tank Filter Modules
    • Vibration Isolation Platform designed to minimise vibration originating from the Workstation or Laboratory Floor; can be used for vibration free incubation of microtitre plates, dishes or flasks
    • Adjustable incubation tray so that any micro-titre plates, flasks or dishes are kept absolutely level during incubation
    • Adjustable chair
    • Remote Monitoring Module allows users to be alerted by text message when gas pressure of O2 and gas pressure of CO2, temperature or humidity levels are out of specification
    • 1x or 4x lens to fit into Nikon AZ100 MZ
    • Gas Level Verification Meter (Geotech 100) designed to monitor CO2, and O2 inside Ruskinn Workstations, works under high humidity
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  • Videos

    • Start of the Day

    • Loading interlock from the outside on SCI-tive

    • Entering SCI-tive via right hand and centre Glove Ports

    • Bringing in Plates and Pipettes into Workstation from interlock

    • Withdrawing Hands from Glove Ports

    • Using Juli inside SCI-tive

    • Putting Sleeves back and closing Glove Port

    • Opening and Closing HEPA compartment

    • Changing O2 and CO2 values on Gas Mixer

  • Downloads